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Touch Screen Computer Control Technology
(Patent Pending)  
Total monitoring and control of your water facility from anywhere you choose.

This controller has all of the features of the ProCommander 1 plus the following:

  • Run and monitor any pool or pools from anywhere to anywhere.  Operating system  allows the pool operator to monitor and control  from the touch screen in his office, in the pool filter room or from a remote node.

  • Just touch the screen to control the entire system. 

  • Operating instruction & parts identification on board.

  • Colored coded computer touch screen control.

  • Unlimited control of a single pool to a complete water park.

  • Automatic camera security and monitoring.

  • Automatic safety alarming.

  • Automatic remote monitoring and control.

  • Automatic water chemistry analysis and treatment.

  • Automatic chemical feeding.

  • Semi automatic saturation indexing.

  • 5 levels of control security.

  • Isolated operation of each filter component.

  • Unitized control of all electrical requirements for the entire project.


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