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ProFilter™ Automatic

Stainless Steel Filters  
(Patent Pending)  

Negative pressure filtration system with FlowTrol™

  • ProFilter™ compact size saves construction costs.

  • ProFilter™ is a complete pool water treatment system.

  • ProFilter™ automatically analyses the water and adds necessary chemicals as they are required. 

  • ProFilter™ can be operated and monitored from any remote location that has a phone line. 

  • ProFilter™ has on board: operating instructions, water balance trouble shooting guide, and component spec sheets for each of its parts at the push of a button. 

  • ProFilter™ is more efficient than most other types of filtration:

    • It removes particles to 2 microns.

    • It produces cleaner water 6 to 12 times faster than other types of filters

    • It reduces both electrical and chemical cost  and the filter requires no piping.

    • Filter media is visually inspectable and easily serviced.

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