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Community College


Northern Colorado
Therapy Center


Northern Colorado Therapy Center

Main Pool:  Indoor
45' x 75'
Wheel Chair Entry Ramp
    - Child / AdultTherapeutic
      - Bench Seating
Recirculation System:  

  - Stainless steel adjustable
    gutter system

  - Stainless Steel Vacuum Sand Filter
  - Air Scour Back Wash
Chemical System:  
Ultraviolet Lighting
  - Hydrogen Peroxide
Electronic Control System: 

  - Stand Stop / Start Station
Project Summary:  This project required the design of a therapeutic pool for the specific purpose of patient recovery from debilitating injuries.  The pool has a shallow end entry for wheel chair restricted patients.  A shallow end area also has a constant depth area for an assortment of lower body rehabilitation exercises. A lap lane allows for endurance exercising and general muscle reconditioning.  A twelve foot long 5 seat therapeutic underwater bench for smaller adults and children has a series of adjustable therapy whirlpool jets used for localized body therapy. The pool also has a second set of therapeutic bench seats for adults.  The other portion of the pool floor slopes from 3 to 6 feet to allow for other deep water therapeutic activities.  The TruRimTM adjustable stainless steel gutter was designed with a special sure grip hand hold to help stabilize patients, while exercising.  The water sanitization system utilizes ultra violet light to disinfect the water. This process eliminates the use of other halogens which can produce both odors and irritation to sensitive skin.  


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