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Community College


Northern Colorado
Therapy Center


Peralta Community College
The most technically advanced swimming pool in the world.
This two pool system located in Oakland, CA provides swimming and other water activities for four college campuses.  It consists of a three lane lap pool and a 454,000 gallon yard by meter competition pool.


VacStac AVM-7212

The filter system is an AAEI exclusive negative pressure with AV Media.  The chemical system consists of ozone, bromine and carbon dioxide  The VacStac is a total, prepackaged and pre-engineered pool filtering system for any commercial application.



Command Center HMI

Both pools are controlled by AAEI's exclusive computerized touch screen control system that enables monitoring, operation and maintenance of these pools from anywhere in the world.  Today they are operated from AAEI's home office in Littleton, CO some 1800 miles away.




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