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We have been active in the swimming pool business for over 36 years. In the mid 60's our founder served an apprentice program learning the basics of pool repair, design and construction.  In the 70's we designed and built swimming pools and created "Vinylcrete", a revolutionary concept in pool design, which has become the high end standard for today's builders.  In the early 80's we engineered alternate energy heating systems for the swimming pool and spa industry.  We also developed products for the Institutional pool industry which dramatically increased the safety of pool operations. Our design commitment led to the development of an adjustable surface cleaning system that optimizes water quality and assures the owner of long term performance on his investment.  In the 90's we focused on our new filter design and our swimming pool control systems. Over the last fifteen years we have refined our complete product line and have set high standards in the industry. Our projects listed (go to Client button on home page) demonstrates of diverse background.  We would be happy to provide a detailed list of reference information upon request.  

Product Design

Our many years of hands-on experience have dramatically enhanced our ability to produce thorough product designs with all the properly interfaced related components. Our plans and specifications demonstrate our concise understanding of specialty construction idiosyncrasies related to large diameter pipe fitting, gunite, tile, plaster, and T.I.G. welding. Our concise detailed shop drawings have become regarded as the new industry standard by our peers.  Our close affiliation with related organizations allows us to get the most current information on new materials, processes, and fabricating. (go to Affiliations button on the home page).  


Our diverse high speed communication network relays information accurately and in a very timely manner.  Our understanding and attention to detail in the pool mechanical room is one of our strongest attributes. Our custom engineered products give our customers efficiency, durability, reliability and ongoing low maintenance.  We leave no unconnected ends when we execute electrical, mechanical, chemical, and structural interfaces into our precision manufactured products.

Our office is equipped to offer our clients the most professional and responsive bid documents available anywhere.  Our full 'CAD' operating system allows us to produce legible, high quality reproducible vellum drawings in house. Our word processing capabilities give us the flexibility to make last minute changes or simply fine tune our specifications.  During design, we communicate using our high speed LAN and DSL connection to the Internet. We generate both design drawings and shop drawings that are clear, concise and tailored to each project.  Our products are compact and efficient, saving the owner many thousands of dollars in initial construction costs.  If you project is a retrofit or rehabilitation our unique ability to custom design helps us make things fit where other manufacturers would require more space and more construction preparation for their equipment.  Well developed bid documents and high quality shop drawings reduce costly mistakes, change orders and time consuming contractor requests for clarification.  



Thirty six years of swimming pool experience is responsible for the evolution of the most advanced line of swimming pool equipment available anywhere.  ProFlo, Inc.  has developed a series of cost effective products to meet the specific needs and criteria of each customer's project.  In 1986 we started a commercial pool design and engineering company.  We concurrently established new and efficient products on an as needed basis.  These products have been designed, installed and refined over the past fifteen years and are now available to the public at large.  

Product Inspections

Each inspection is made from a standard check list that has been developed over time by the company founder. This list incorporates more than 36 years of pool expertise.  Our unsurpassed hands-on design, fabrication and construction experience allows us to make critical observations which go beyond the superficial glance many other plant foreman offer.  

The Idea People

Whether you need swimming pool equipment for a new facility or you want to bring an old pool back to the very latest standards, we can help. Our creative approach in the pool industry is making Advanced Aquatic Equipment, Inc. synonymous with solutions that work!  


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