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design support

Code-approved designs at no additional charge.
AAEI is equipped to offer our clients the most professional and responsive bid documents available anywhere.  Our full 'CAD' environment allows us to produce legible, high quality reproducible vellum drawings in house.  Our word processing capabilities give us the flexibility to make last minute changes or simply fine tune our specifications.  We can deliver our specification sections in both MAC and PC word processing formats.

During design, we communicate electronically eliminating potential costly mistakes and ensuring that projects that go down to the wire are successful.   All of these capabilities enable us to make rapid and accurate design changes.  Well developed bid documents that conform to local codes reduce costly mistakes, change orders, and time consuming contractor requests for clarification.   Our field review and evaluation of problems can be documented digitally for transport and immediate evaluation by specialized support experts.  This technology allows us to make more accurate observations of problems and enhance our ability to render professional remedies.

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