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ProCommander 1  

Pool Operating Controllers  
(Patent Pending)

Custom engineered swimming pool system control panel at competitive pricing. 

  • Incorporates all of the vital electronic equipment necessary to safely operate the complete filter and chemical feed system. 

  • Displays the system schematic, all operating instructions, and vital filter maintenance information silk screened on the front cover.

  • Can utilize any water analyzer that provides the owner with the best local service. 

  • Provides the properly sized flow meter, gauges and feed valves for the filter system.

  • Allows for the proper and safe interface of the local preferred chemical feed system.

  • Provides all stop/start switches, time clocks, auto water fill, if required, and automatic filter backwash.

  • Provides properly sized chemical feed pumps for both pH and ORP chemical delivery.

  • Can be free standing or wall mounted in the equipment room or at a remote location.

  • Offers electrical safety interlock

  • ...and much more.  

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